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Established at Harley Street London

Transform your look with Ravi’s highly skilled & experienced SMP work at our new clinic in London. Specialist in FUE scar coverage, SMP for thinning hair and creating new younger looking hair lines or to cover bald areas. Every SMP treatment is bespoke and personalised to enhance your natural look. We only use the very best pigments to retain tint colour and give a long lasting professional finish.
Award winning


Ravi works alongside Sian Dellar who won the London Hair & Beauty Award for “Makeup Specialist Of The Year”. They established their first clinic on Harley Street London in 2016 and now work at Great Marlborough Street London.

Ravi’s Work

Precision Art

Ravi’s scalp micropigmentation technique is creative precision. From the initial contact and consultation he gain’s a depth of understanding about what you want to achieve, your facial features & hair colour, desired looks and life routine to come to a shared vision. Ravi then delivers a unique, bespoke, designer SMP treatment that enhances your style. New hair lines are shaped ready for the meticulous treatment applied by hand in multiple sessions. Aftercare and follow up appointments are all part of our service.

“I take great pride in my ability to help people achieve the appearance they really want… I understand how important your appearance is, and how much trust I need to be worthy to do what I do.”

Ravi Sabharwal


SMP, FUE scar coverage, hairlines and hair density
  • Fue Scar Coverage Scalp Provoco
    FUE Scar Coverage
  • Smp Hair Line Shaven Look Scalp Provoco
    SMP Hair Line
  • Smp Hair Line Fill Scalp Provoco
    SMP Hair Line 2
  • Smp Hair Density Short Scalp Provoco
    SMP Hair Density
  • Smp Hair Density Long Scalp Provoco
    SMP Hair Density Long
  • Smp Repair Correction Scalp Provoco
    SMP Repair Correction
  • Female Smp Scalp Provoco London
    Female SMP
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About Our SMP

Highly skilled with 8 years plus experience. Carefully chosen top grade pigments that last a long time. New central London clinic with easy booking and a friendly reception.

“Get the Hair Line that boosts confidence”

Go Gym Go Swim

No Discolouring

Our Scalp Micropigmenation utilises specially formulated pigments, dots are applied lightly close to the surface of the outer layer of skin unlike a traditional tattoo which is much deeper. The colour or tint is implanted with precision, so the dots appear crisp and very fine making for incredible realistic detail. Its tried and tested with daily gym and swim, so you don’t need to change your lifestyle. Results last 3-6 years, we recommend a SMP top up every 3 years.

“Relax its a great service that lasts”


Receding & Thinning Hair

Wake up, grab a shower and your ready to go. No medicenes, oils, expensive painful hair transplant operations. Ravi re-defines front hairlines making a fresh cool younger look with precision graded SMP work, all personalised to you for that natural professional look. Ravi can add the look of density to thinning hair, so the scalp can no longer be seen through short or long hairstyles. This is both ideal for men and women with widows peak, patchy spots or Alopicia.

“Get a younger professional look”


FUE Scar Coverage & Bad SMP

FUE hair transplant scars can be covered or camoflaged with Ravi’s highly skilled SMP work effectively making them disappear. We often get contacted by customers who have had the misfortune of bad SMP scalp micropigmentation work. Ravi’s supplies a correction service. Our SMP clinic advises and arranges SMP removal using a special laser.

“Leave your personal stress behind and get it fixed”


After months of research and looking into different companies I decided to use Scalp Provoco for my SMP procedure. I could not be happier with the results. It's given me great confidence and I felt safe and looked after throughout. I couldn't ask for better customer service. Thank you Ravi and the team.- Asheel A. (London)
Very professional, felt very safe. Excellent service. Results are amazing, highly recommend Scalp Provoco if others are thinking about getting this work done!- Stephen F. (London)
I am so pleased with the results that Scalp Provoco has produced for me.<br /> It has helped me regain my confidence and the procedure was comfortable and relaxing.<br /> I had thin hair and Scalp Provoco has helped create a more dense look to my hair.<br /> Defo recommend for anyone experiencing thinning of the hair.- Marcus B. (London)
Amazing place!! I was very nervous about my hair and had many questions but after speaking about it and researching about Scalp Provoco it showed positive results from people and it has made a massive difference to my life and I am very grateful, I was treated with care and was put in great hands. I highly recommend Scalp Prococo to anyone who is worried about their hair.- Daniel S. (London)
I went to Ravi for micropigmentation after losing my hair due to medical treatment. I was apprehensive at first as it seemed such a significant change to my appearance, but I can happily say he did an incredible job.</p> <p>The result is super natural and blends seamlessly with my actual hair. He took time to learn exactly what I wanted and made sure the hairline was right before starting. It's clear he takes immense care with his work and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process! If you're unsure about having micropigmentation definitely book in for a consultation, as there's nothing to lose - and I'm sure Ravi can help. The treatment has helped my confidence immensely, and the natural look I was after has certainly been achieved.</p> <p>Photos taken just after final treatment, and approx 2 months later (not got a mirror near natural light in my flat but it gives the idea!). It's faded to match my hair perfectly, which is quite light - but the hairline is definitely still clear.- Ben W. (London)

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