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Bald, Not Boring.

Clients suffering from male pattern baldness, also called ‘androgenic alopecia’, make up the bulk of our scalp micropigmentation clients. They find that it can substantially reduce the appearance of hair loss. Our clients prefer hair micropigmentation to other hair restoration or cosmetic procedures because of its simplicity, effectiveness, and the lack of any serious side effects.

Hair Loss Minimisation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a nearly perfect solution to thinning hair, smaller bald patches, or even full-head hair loss.

In the event of male pattern baldness or bad patches of any source on men and women, professional SMP is used to add colour and the appearance of texture to the affected area. This not only matches the colour and pattern of your natural hair perfectly but each treatment is also designed for you individually to give you exactly the look you want and need from your hair.

Treating Scars and Imperfections

Scalp Micropigmentation can help people who have lost hair through baldness, alopecia, or patients suffering scars from burns, wounds or surgeries. Small imperfections and scars on the scalp often stubbornly refuse to grow hair in the same way as the skin around them. SMP can be used to give these areas the same colouring and appearance of texture as the rest of your scalp (or brows, or beard), ensuring a trouble-free, even appearance for as long as several years.

Our Hair Loss Treatments

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