Why Choose SMP

Is it right for you?

Tattoo My Scalp Or Use Another Hair Loss Treatment

 It certainly works for men with a clean shaven head. We bring the hairline forward and cover balding areas. The result a more youthful look. Make the look of thinning hair a thing of the past by applying SMP to longer hair. Women with early stages of hair loss can cover areas like partings, where the scalp is showing.

Realistic & Natural

Scalp hair loss tattoos look incredibly realistic, and have a natural appearance even from close up. Hair pigmentation treatments are free of side effects.

Long Lasting

Hair loss tattooing lasts for years, and has virtually no requirement for maintenance, upkeep or ongoing treatments. Great for alopecia and male pattern baldness.

Instant Results

Clients experience immediate results, and an improved appearance after only one session.

Non Invasive

Scalp tattooing is completely non-invasive. Only the upper layers of the skin are pigmented, and there is little or no bleeding. There is no downtime or requirement to cover the area to allow for healing.

Suitable For All

This treatment works equally well for men and women, and can even give the appearance of hair on a completely shaved or bald head.

Suitable For All

The restoration of a normal hairline or the concealment of bald spots or scarring can create a huge self-confidence boost.

SMP Vs Other Hair Loss Treatments

Smp Needle Device Close Up

Hair Transplant


According to the NHS, the average cost of a hair transplant in the UK is around £7500. As a very rough figure an SMP treatment is around £2500. It all depends on coverage.

Graft Survival Issues

In some cases, transplanted hair follicles may not survive or thrive in their new location, leading to sparse or patchy growth.


Hair transplants carry risks of complications such as infection, excessive bleeding, or scarring. Local anesthesia along with sedation is used to make you relaxed and comfortable.

Low Grade Surgical Technique

If the surgeon lacks experience or skill, it can result in uneven hair distribution, or damage to existing hair follicles. Ultimately unnatural hair.

Inadequate Donor Area Management

Taking too many grafts from a limited donor area can cause noticeable thinning or depletion of hair in that area.

Poor Postoperative Care

A negative result can occur with inadequate aftercare, such as failure to follow instructions after the operation or using products that interfere with healing. Scalp Provoco’s SMP service uses specially selected products and instructions for correct care and to aid healing.


It takes approximately 10-14 days to recover from a hair transplant. During the recovery, a patient can expect their transplanted scalp to be red, scabby and swollen. Mild pain can persist for 1-2 weeks. SMP, in contrast, is usually 1-3 days for the redness to disappear. There is no downtime.

Unrealistic Expectations

If the patient’s expectations are not aligned with what can realistically be achieved through hair transplantation, they may perceive the outcome as negative, even if the procedure was technically successful.

Underlying Hair Loss Conditions

Hair loss is often progressive, and a transplant may not prevent further loss in untreated areas. SMP does not interfere with current hair growth.

Hair Regrowth Serum Cream Negatives

Topical Hair Growth Treatments

Creams, foams, and serums designed for hair regrowth can offer benefits for various hair concerns, but they also have potential negatives or drawbacks.

Product Does Not Work

Use of a product may not work as it has been marketed. It’s highly possible that use of many different products produce little or no result over many months. SMP guarantees a result.

Dependency & Cost

Hair re-growth products can be expensive. A person can become reliant on topical treatments and worry about the return of hair loss. There could be a lifetime cost associated with retaining hair.

Unwanted Hair Growth

Topical treatments like minoxidil may stimulate hair growth not only on the scalp but also in other areas where the product comes into contact, such as the face or hands. This can be undesirable for some individuals, particularly women.

Interaction with Other Products

Using multiple topical treatments at the same time or mixing them with other hair care products like shampoo etc could lead to interactions or diminished effectiveness.

Skin Irritation & Flaking

Some topical treatments may cause irritation, itching, redness, or inflammation of the scalp or skin. This can be due to sensitivity to the ingredients or the formulation of the product. One may experience scalp dryness or flaking particularly those containing alcohol or other drying ingredients. This can accelerate existing scalp conditions like dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.

Allergic Reactions

Individuals may develop allergic reactions to certain ingredients in topical treatments, leading to symptoms such as rash, hives, or swelling. SMP pigments are Hypoallegenic and are very unlikely to cause reactions. However at Scalp Provoco we always carry out a patch test to make sure..

Unpleasant Odour or Residue

Some hair regrowth treatments have strong odours or leave behind a residue or affect the texture of the hair.

Greasy or Oily Appearance

Regrowth products containing oils or heavy moisturisers, may leave the hair looking greasy or oily.

Scalp Buildup

Over time, some topical treatments may build up on the scalp, leading to product residue that can clog hair follicles and potentially contribute to scalp issues like dandruff or folliculitis, which looks like acne.

Hair Topper Wig Negatives

Wigs & Hair Toppers

Comfort Issues

Wigs or hair toppers may be uncomfortable to wear, especially if they’re not properly fitted or if they’re made from materials that cause scalp irritation or overheating. You will not feel SMP work after the healing period.

Hot Head

Wearing a wig or hair topper can trap heat close to the scalp, leading to discomfort, especially in warm weather or places with limited airflow. SMP does not create overheating.

Natural Appearance

Wigs and toppers come with synthetic and real human hair options. Achieving a seamless blend with your own hair or skin tone can be challenging. SMP if carried out by a professional can look perfectly natural.


Wigs and hair toppers require regular care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. This can involve washing, styling, and sometimes even periodic adjustments or repairs. SMP does not require maintenance.


Human hair and custom-made wigs & hair pieces are expensive. Ongoing maintenance and replacement costs should be considered. A 5 year lifetime expense should be considered when comparing to an scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Limitations in Activities

Some individuals may feel restricted in certain activities while wearing wigs or hair toppers, such as swimming, vigorous exercise, or high-impact sports, due to concerns about the piece shifting or becoming damaged. SMP will be fine for swimming and hard core gym sessions.

Self-Image and Confidence

While wigs and hair toppers can help individuals feel more confident about their appearance, some people may struggle with self-esteem issues related to wearing a hairpiece, particularly if they feel self-conscious about others noticing or judging their hair loss.

Sensitivity to Materials

Certain individuals may be sensitive to the materials used in wigs or hair toppers, leading to scalp irritation, allergic reactions, or discomfort.

Hair Loss Progression

Wearing a wig or hair topper does not address the underlying causes of hair loss, and in some cases, it may even contribute to further hair loss or damage especially if not worn or cared for properly. SMP does not interfere with natural hair growth.

Social Stigma

Despite increasing acceptance and awareness of hair loss, some individuals may still face stigma or negative attitudes from others when wearing wigs or hair toppers, which can impact their confidence and social interactions.