Male Pattern Baldness

Treatment Using SMP In London

Naturally occurring hair loss – also known as male pattern baldness – affects around 7 million men in the UK, is easily the most common cause of hair loss, and is the leading reason why men visit us for scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Male pattern baldness is usually something that begins at a relatively young age, and in the majority of cases, the hair loss is so gradual that it is barely noticeable.

But as the ageing process triggers greater hormonal changes this hair loss can accelerate to the point where balding becomes so significant that it can fundamentally alter your appearance in a relatively short period of time.

Male Pattern Baldness Stages IllustrationMale Pattern Baldness Stages Illustration

Does male pattern baldness affect all men?

Male pattern baldness is not an inevitable consequence of ageing, but it is thought to affect around two-thirds of all men – meaning the chances of you having it are greater than the chances that you won’t.

The early signs of male pattern baldness usually appear around the age of 30, with baldness becoming more noticeable after the age of 40, and accelerating in your 50s and 60s.

Typically, male pattern baldness will become most noticeable at the temples, on the crown (as a bald patch) or through a receding hairline

Can women have pattern hair loss?

Yes, women do suffer from female pattern hair loss (also known as FPHL) but this generally starts later (in one’s 40s and 50s) and looks different, with thinner hair strands being produced before the strand eventually becomes absent.

Female Pattern Hair Loss Fphl Stages IllustrationFemale Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) Stages Illustration

How does scalp micropigmentation (SMP) work as a male pattern baldness treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly effective way to create a semi-permanent natural impression of micro hairs through specialist scalp tattooing.

Performed by our talented and expert SMP artist, Ravi Sabharwal, the treatment involves using different shades of black pigment to create scores of tattooed ‘dots’ that together form a shadow effect that replicates the early stages of hair growth.

The tattoos are not permanent – infused near very close to the surface of the scalp – but will last for several years before being eventually eroded through the natural exfoliation of the skin.

The effect is remarkable and instant – making male pattern baldness immediately and significantly less obvious.

What are the benefits of scalp micropigmentation for male pattern baldness?

There are many advantages to having scalp micropigmentation treatment, but the key benefits include:

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Instant long-lasting results – no more trying off-the-shelf products that don’t deliver the results they promise
  • Feel more confident about your appearance
  • Micropigmentation will not change colour during exfoliation, but will simply fade over time

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