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Get your confidence back with a scar camouflage tatoo

In life, we put our bodies through quite a lot of punishment, and over time we all accumulate our fair share of scars and blemishes to prove it.

Some of those unsightly imperfections are easily hidden, but others are harder to camouflage and no matter how much we try to disguise them their presence can impact on our self-esteem and confidence.

Luckily, scar camouflage tattooing through micropigmentation offers a long-term solution that means you can kiss the cover up goodbye and make your scars and blemishes almost unnoticeable to others.

Whether your scarring is on your head or body, infusing scarred tissue with pigments that match your natural skin tone helps to blend the damaged area with the healthy surrounding skin, hair or features.

Does scar camouflage tattooing work on all scars?

There are circumstances in which scar camouflage tattooing may not be able to achieve the outcome you want.

Not all scarring can benefit from scar camouflage treatments. For best results scars should be more than a year old and lighter in tone than the undamaged skin around them, with no redness and with no noticeable indentation or elevation.

Regardless of the above, we would recommend and encourage you to seek advice from your GP or clinical care specialist prior to any treatment with us if your scarring is relatively new or has required recent medical intervention.

Typically, the people we care for here at Scalp Provoco come to us for help in minimising the appearance of scars caused by childhood injuries and/or illnesses, more serious accidental wounds suffered in adulthood, stretch marks, burns, or Caesarean section scars and other surgical scarring.

Using micropigmentation to offset the impact of scarring on hair regrowth

Sometimes when you suffer an injury that leaves a scar you may find that hair no longer grows through the scar tissue. While the effect of this is less obvious in some places than others, in areas where it is more obvious the resulting ‘bald patch’ can be a source of anxiety.

Micropigmentation is a highly effective way of  giving these areas the same colouring and depth as the surrounding hair, eyebrows or beard, making the scarring almost unnoticeable to anything but the closest of inspections.

How long does scar camouflage tattooing last?

One of the benefits of using scar camouflage tattooing to reduce the visibility of scars to your scalp, head and body is that it is a semi-permanent solution that will be effective for several years.

Individual cases will differ from person to person, but generally, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of our scar camouflage tattooing service for around 5 years before you’ll need to consider having another treatment.

Why choose Scalp Provoco for your scar camouflage tattooing treatment?

At Scalp Provoco we pride ourselves on offering an expert service performed by a highly trained and experienced artist.

All our clients go through a thorough confidential consultation to assess their general health and medical history.

At the same time, our friendly staff will take the time to find out exactly what you’re trying to achieve from the scar camouflage treatment and will work with you to identify the approach that’s best suited to your particular circumstances and requirements.

We believe our treatments can be life-changing for people who have struggled to cope with the impact a scar or other blemish has had on their appearance. Much of our self-confidence and self-esteem is linked to how we see ourselves and how others see us.

So, if you’re fed up with constantly trying to mask a scar or other skin imperfection with make-up or off-the-shelf masking products that never seem to achieve the results they promised, maybe it’s time to take a semi-permanent approach and reclaim the happiness that comes from a positive body image.

Call us now for a confidential, no-obligation conversation or book a consultation with our specialist artist Ravi Sabharwal, and find out how our scar camouflage tattoo service in London can change your life.

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