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Repairing Bad Smp

Is scalp micropigmentation a tattoo?

Is scalp micropigmentation a tattoo? This is one of the most important topics in all of the debates involving scalp micropigmentation (SMP). What is it? If you search Google, you’ll get different answers and end up feeling confused. Some say…

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Does Smp Look Real?

Does scalp micropigmentation look real?

Baldness, hair loss, and hair follicle thinning are real problems that plague modern society, lowering the quality of life and impacting individuals' self-confidence worldwide. And, even though treatments have been made available over the last few decades, people still question…

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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Microblading exists to give you full brows but you can also enjoy fuller hair thanks to scalp micropigmentation. This process involves creating the illusion that you have fuller hair. Both procedures fall under the micropigmentation category but they differ in…

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