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Head 2 Head – What is Scalp Micropigmentation SMP?

Welcome back to Head 2 Head. 

As requested, our next blog post is a breakdown of the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure. We’re going to explain the major differences between hair treatments on the market and hopefully answer some of your questions!

Many people don’t fully understand what the procedure is and what the benefits are. The common path for hair loss solutions is thought to be through a hair transplant, but there are other routes such as SMP which you might not have considered.

Scalp Micropigmentation (also known as SMP) is growing in popularity as an alternative to people seeking realistic, permanent and immediate hair loss solutions.

Why choose SMP?

SMP offers immediate and natural-looking results by creating a realistic replication of hair follicles. Personalisation is key and SMP can be for anyone with any hair length – man or woman and for whatever reason; from scars, alopecia, balding to thinning hairlines. We can work the treatment over scars or create the appearance of hair growth to hide areas where hair no longer grows and we can also darken areas where hair is finer.

Scalp Micropigmentation is non-invasive, leaves no scars, and is perfectly adaptable for if-and-when you experience further hair loss. It’s the perfect treatment for people who want to avoid the pain, downtime and high costs of a hair transplant. Plus, the results are guaranteed unlike the wildly varying results you get from a transplant. Healthline website on SMP

The Technique

Using innovative technology, our method deposits hypoallergenic small tattooing pigment into the dermal layer of skin on your scalp. The pigments used are all pure mineral compounds mixed with glycerine, applied delicately and in a tailored way to achieve your desired look.

What is the difference between a hair transplant and SMP?

The main physical difference between the two treatments is length. SMP is a cover-up procedure, creating the illusion of thicker hairlines and freshly shaven scalps, whereas a hair transplant will give you a more dramatic change with a head of hair. The most impactful differences between the two and which sway in favour of SMP are time and cost.

Further differences of SMP to a hair transplant;

  • The difference in cost is thousands, with hair transplants coming at a higher price. NHS website hair transplants
  • SMP requires periodical maintenance with the enhancement lasting anything up to 3 years before a touch-up is required. Contrastingly, hair transplants are permanent and require more downtime before returning to your normal routine.
  • Immediate results are seen with SMP, whereas the full effect of a hair transplant takes on average 6-9 months.
  • SMP is non-invasive, whilst hair transplants are a surgical procedure.
  • Scarring is inevitable with hair transplants as it is an invasive procedure, SMP however leaves no scars and can actually be used to cover scars.

Vice online magazine reviewed Scalp Micropigmentation, sharing the need for a hair solution when a hair transplant isn’t a price option. It is important to research before and ultimately do what is best for you. We are a friendly team and want to see how we could help boost your hair confidence. Make sure you book in for your consultation today!

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